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Why Sheridan Residential?


Our Experience
We are a team of five incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable, and caring agents, with over 20+ years of collective experience on our side. Our agents offer a varied set of real estate expertise, providing value to our clients in areas including traditional residential sales, specialty commercial sales, distressed properties, and everything in between. At Sheridan Residential, we are a team. The experience of one agent is the experience of our entire office of established agents. No matter who you work with, you are in the best hands imaginable.   

Our Values
Our values are the backbone of who we are as a real estate company. At Sheridan Residential, we lead with integrity, honesty, reliability, and trust, above all else. By living and working by our values, we provide our clients with the care and attention they deserve through every step of the real estate process.

Our Agents
We don’t like to brag, but we have some of the best agents in the industry – not based on where they’ve published or appeared on TV, or even what sales awards they’ve received. We measure our agents based on value. The value they provide to our clients. The time and energy they  devote to serving your needs. The relationships they have built with you. The care they put into your experience. By those metrics, our agents are the Gold Standard.  

Our Promise
At Sheridan Residential, we promise to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you are buying or selling your home, your journey is personal. Your end goals are as individual as you are, which is why you deserve comprehensive, individualized service tailored to your needs. We promise we will go above and beyond to ensure you receive exceptional customer service through every aspect of the transaction, from beginning to end. At Sheridan Residential, we promise to honor your journey every step of the way.

Why List With Sheridan Residential?
At Sheridan Residential, a listing is so much more than a property: It’s a home full of memories and milestones. A home is where life happens, and our mission is to honor that. When you list with us, we don’t just put your home on the market and hope for the best. We come up with personalized marketing plans, catered to highlighting the best features of your home, whether it’s its historic character or sleek contemporary style. We provide market assessments for your home and the additional expertise to add value to your home, whether it’s advice on updating hardware or staging the property. Through our targeted marketing strategies, we’ll get your listing in front of the qualified buyers who truly want to be there, and who are willing to pay top-dollar for your home because that’s where their dream begins.